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Regarding problems and compensation for shipped packages

On this page, we will once again summarize the troubles and compensation for shipped packages.

If you have purchased an item over $40 and want maximum compensation, please be sure to use EMS.


Regarding shipping suspension dates during Japan's long holidays

In Japan, there is a long holiday called "Golden Week" that runs from late April to mid-May.


Handling of mail in Asian countries during the Lunar New Year period

Please note that there may be delays in deliveries of postal items because of holidays associated with the Lunar New Year or the Songkran Festival period in the following Asian countries.


Regarding shipping delays to the United States

Dear customer

We use Japan Post to ship packages worldwide.

According to the Japan Post website, there appears to be a delay in the arrival of packages to the United States due to the following reasons.


About free shipping delivery time: March 2024

From around the end of 2023, all countries felt that delivery times had been significantly shortened.
However, over the past few weeks, delivery times seem to be taking longer than before.


Regarding address change after shipping

As stated in FAQ ⑤, you cannot change the address after shipping.

Therefore, please note that we cannot be held responsible even if the delivery address changes due to a mistake in the address, a move, etc.


Notice of resumption of EMS in Azerbaijan

Currently, Japan Post is temporarily suspending acceptance of some international mail items due to the global spread of the new coronavirus infection.
It was announced on the official website of Japan Post that they will resume EMS service in Azerbaijan from December 8th (Friday).


Regarding delays in delivery of mail to Australia

New updated information on the official website of Japan Post Office.
The contents are as follows.

Due to processing delays and congestion at airport storage warehouses in Australia, there are delays in the delivery of mail addressed to Australia.


Delay of mail delivery to Israel

The designated postal operator of Israel (Israel Postal Corporation) has informed us that the attack which occurred on 7 October 2023 has disrupted operations. Delays will be experienced in the collection and delivery of all mail products.
Furthermore, there may be delays in the arrival of mail sent from the same areas to Japan.


Normal Shipping (FREE) is back. (U.S.A., Canada, U.K. etc...)

Normal Shipping (registered airmail), which was previously suspended, has resumed.

Target areas: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Wake, Midway Islands, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Solomons, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, French Polynesia.


Delay of mail to Canada

The designated operator of Canada (Canada Post) has informed us that delivery of mail items sent to some areas in Canada may possibly be delayed due to wildfires that have occurred in the Northwest Territories.


Deliveries to India, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Libya, and Brunei resumed

Areas where flights have been suspended due to COVID-19 (India, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Libya, and Brunei) will resume from 21 July 2023.

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