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 Payment Method

Credit ❶card payment







Please make sure that you can receive two domains: WEB system email and credit card payment email.

·Order number
·Registered e-mail address

When sending money or making other inquiries, please contact us.
If you let us know the above two things, we will be able to respond smoothly.


  1. You will receive an order completion email at the same time as checkout.

  2. After that, you will receive two emails: offline invoice and credit card payment.

  3. Please complete the credit card payment using the URL link provided in the credit card payment email.

*If you do not receive the credit card payment email, please contact us.

(Credit payment emails may be delayed during the night in Japan time)

*If a card error occurs, the payment URL may become unavailable. We will issue a new URL, so please contact us in that case as well.

*Payment will be made by converting the dollar amount of the product into Japanese yen at the time of payment creation.(Currency exchange fees will be borne by the purchaser.)

Payment company: ROBOT PAYMENT



●You will receive an order completion email at the same time as checkout.

  1. Log in to WISE and prepare to send money.

  2. Enter recipient email address. (

  3. Please enter the purchase amount in USD*, set the recipient currency to Japanese Yen(JPY), and send the money. (Remittance fees will be borne by the sender.)

  4. Please let us know that you sent the money through WISE.

*If you wish to send money in a currency other than US dollars, please convert the purchase amount (USD) to the currency you wish to send money to.

*If you would like to check the amount before remittance with WISE, please contact us. We will tell you the amount converted into Japanese yen. (You can also check the credit card payment URL)



●You will receive an order completion email at the same time as checkout.

  1. Please contact us with your Bitcoin address.

  2. Enter our Bitcoin address from your wallet.

  3. Please convert the purchase amount (USD) into Bitcoin and remit it.

Bitcoin deposit address】


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