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Delay of mail to Canada

The designated operator of Canada (Canada Post) has informed us that delivery of mail items sent to some areas in Canada may possibly be delayed due to wildfires that have occurred in the Northwest Territories.

Following postal codes of affected areas:

V0N 3B0, V0N 3C0, V0K 1P0, V4V, V1P, V1X, V4T, V1Z 1G2, V1V, V1W, V1Y, V0E 2W0, V0E 3L0, V0E 1M0, V0H 1X0, V0H 1Z0, V0H 1R0, V0H 1K0, V0H 1T0, V0H 1VO, V0X 1N0, V0X 1W0, V1S, V2B, V2C, V2E, V2H, X0E 0Y0, X0E 0R0, X0E 0M0, X0E 0P0, X0E 0S0, X1A 1C0, X1A 0B9, X1A 0A2, X0E 1R0, X0E 1A0, X0E 1W0, X0E 1P0, X0E 0N0, X0B 0E0, X0B 1K0, X0B 0A5, X0B 1B0, X0B 0C0, X0B 1J0

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