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Regarding problems and compensation for shipped packages

On this page, we will once again summarize the troubles and compensation for shipped packages.

If you have purchased an item over $40 and want maximum compensation, please be sure to use EMS.

”We ship the package from the Japanese post office.

In most recipient countries, the recipient country's post office will deliver the package."

[If your package is lost, damaged, or not delivered]

If the package we shipped is lost, damaged, or not delivered, please contact your country's post office first.

Then please contact us.

Based on your contact, we will request the Japanese post office to investigate the package we shipped.

We will get back to you after the investigation results.

*Please note that the investigation may take some time.

*If there is no inquiry from the recipient to your country's post office, the post office may end its investigation because there is no request from the recipient.

Therefore, please be sure to contact your country's post office.


[About compensation in case of loss or damage of luggage]

If your luggage is found to be lost or damaged as a result of the above, a pre-determined amount will be compensated.

・For free shipping

Actual loss compensation up to 6,000 yen (approximately $40)


Actual loss compensation up to 2 million yen (approximately $12,800)

Actual loss compensation:

Purchase amount that we have stated on the customs declaration form

*If you purchase an item worth $40 or more and have it shipped with free shipping, you will not be fully compensated even if the shipped package is damaged or lost.

The maximum amount of compensation is 6000 yen.

Therefore, if you purchase items over $40 and want maximum coverage for your package, please be sure to use EMS.


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This is stated on the checkout screen when selecting the shipping method.

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