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Countries excluded from shipping

There are some countries to which we cannot ship our products.
We cannot deliver our products to all countries.


Excluded shipping country

Countries where Japan Post has restrictions on shipping.

There are some countries where shipping is restricted, such as countries where EMS is not available or only EMS is available.


Countries where application permission is required from the authorities

Some countries require you to apply for import to the authorities (Insurance Bureau, Ministry of Health, etc.).

This application must be made by the recipient, the purchaser.

We cannot be held responsible if a product is shipped without an application and is stopped at customs and returned to Japan.
(You will also be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee.)


Excluded shipping country

Countries where import of pharmaceutical products is prohibited.

*Some ingredients and products are prohibited in some countries.


Countries where application permission is required from the authorities

Applications are required for half of the countries in the Middle East and Europe.

UAE, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon
Iceland, Italy, Australia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Bulgaria, Portugal.

The countries that are currently excluded from shipping are those that we are aware of based on the two reasons above.

There are still many countries that we do not know about.

You should check your country's customs rules yourself.

Please be sure to check with your customs office in advance.


List of countries excluded from shipping with many inquiries

Brazil / Bosnia-Herzegovina / China / Cyprus / Czech / Denmark / Estonia Germany / Japan / Norway / Russia / Spain / Sweden / Ukraine /  etc...

Countries excluded from shipping cannot be selected on the checkout screen when placing an order.

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