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[General name] Ubidecarenon tablets

[Active ingredient]One tablet contains 10 mg of Japanese Pharmacopoeia ubidecalenone.



* Request for handling

Ubidecarenon tablets discolor at high temperatures even for a few seconds, so

Please be careful enough.



This medicine is taken up by mitochondria in myocardial cells, and improves reduced cardiac function by improving myocardial oxygen use efficiency.

It is usually used to treat mild to moderate congestive heart failure symptoms during basic treatments.


Antioxidant Vitamin "Coenzyme Q10"



As ubidecalenone, for adults, take 10 mg at a time, 3 times a day after meals.

Internal capacity
100 Tablets


There are few side effects. It is a highly safe drug.

Stomach discomfort, loss of appetite, nausea, rash



In 1 tablet

Contains 10 mg of Japanese Pharmacopoeia Ubidecarenone.


Additives: Carnauba wax, carmellose, light silicic acid anhydride, crystalline cellulose, Mg stearate, lactose, hydroxypropyl cellulose

UBIDECARENONE Tablets 10mg 「SAWAI」100tablets Antioxidant Vitamin Coenzyme Q10

  • It is a medicine that helps the heart work.

    "Coenzyme Q10"


    The main component, ubidecalenone (coenzyme Q10), is one of the coenzymes originally present in the body and works with the B vitamins when making energy from nutrients.
    When ubidecalenone is reduced, the heart muscle, which requires a lot of energy, lacks energy, which reduces the pumping power of the heart.

    It increases the energy production of the reduced heart muscle, improves blood pumping, and relieves "palpitations, shortness of breath, swelling".

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