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“Deep Sea Shark Extract Capsules” uses purified squalene obtained from liver oil with a purity of over 99.6%.


Squalene is a type of unsaturated fatty acid refined from shark liver oil. It has the function of replenishing oxygen within the body, and is also called the "oxygen carrier." It is expected to have effects such as activating metabolism, purifying the blood, and beautifying the skin.


Easy-to-use soft capsules, one bottle provides a 60-day supply.



  • Please take 6 tablets a day with water or hot water.

  • If you feel discomfort in your throat, please drink plenty of water.

  • Please refrain from consuming large amounts on an empty stomach.

  • Please follow the recommended daily intake amount.


Internal capacity

360 tablets (1 tablet 410mg/content 300mg)



・Raw materials

Deep sea shark refined liver oil (manufactured in Japan)/gelatin, glycerin


・Main ingredients

per product 6tablets

(6 tablets 2460mg/including gelatin capsules):

Deep sea shark refined liver oil 1800mg

(Contains over 99.6% squalene)


Deep sea shark extract capsule “ORIHIRO” squalene Activate your metabolism