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“LACTIS” Lactic acid bacteria supplements recommended by medical institutions



LACTIS is a lactic acid bacteria-producing extract produced by the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell yogurt at its own farms and factories in Japan.


The number of lactic acid bacteria in commercially available yogurt varies depending on the product, but it is 4 billion per ml.

The lactic acid bacteria-producing extract is fermented at 4 trillion pieces (per 1g), which is 1000 times more effective. What makes this possible is the combination of "16 types of unique lactic acid bacteria x soy milk."

This fermentation power will not be produced if fermentation is carried out by one type of lactic acid bacteria or if the culture medium is different. This amazing fermentation power is only achieved through the combination of ``a large number of lactic acid bacteria (multi-strain) x soy milk'', which was born from B&S's 100 years of research into lactic acid bacteria.


The lactic acid bacteria-producing extract is completed by extracting the useful ingredients produced by this ultra-high density lactic acid bacteria.



The lactic acid bacteria-producing extract is extracted by fermenting and aging 16 types of carefully selected lactic acid bacteria in soy milk made from Japanese soybeans.

  • Uses Japanese soybeans from our own farm

  • Cumulative production exceeds 3.2 million units (until 2017)

  • Lactic acid bacteria-generated extract products are recommended by over 2000 medical institutions

  • No preservatives, no fragrance, no coloring, no fat and sugar,

  • 100% plant ingredients, no soy allergens detected

  • Informed Choice certified products

  • Anyone can drink it safely, including children and pregnant women.


For these kinds of worries

  • I don't feel refreshed

  • I don't feel resilient every day

  • I feel old

  • Feeling down

  • Feeling dull



There is no set way to drink it.

Please take 1 to 2 sachets a day in your favorite drink at a time of your choice.

Because it has a refreshing lemon flavor,

  • Put it in hot water or water

  • Put it in tea

  • Put it in carbonated water



Internal capacity

(5ml x 30 packets)

(10ml x 30 packets)


Please store away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.



Lactic acid bacteria extract (contains soybeans), citric acid, lactic acid


Product name: LACTIS

Name: Soft drink

Product classification: Health food