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"Okinawa Fucoidan" 180 capsules Seaweed Japanese health food



Fucoidan supplement (42g in product) using 100% Okinawan mozuku extract


"Okinawa Fucoidan" is a fucoidan supplement made from 100% Okinawan mozuku extract. The fucoidan component contained in seaweed is extracted and powdered using a unique manufacturing method, making the most of the characteristics of the material to create an easy-to-drink capsule type product. No synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives are used.


This fucoidan supplement is currently attracting attention as a health food ingredient. We are particular about Okinawan mozuku and have increased the purity and content of fucoidan using our unique patented manufacturing method, ”Organic citric acid treatment extraction method” . The fucoidan content is approximately 42,000mg in one box.



Please take 6 tablets per day with water or lukewarm water.


Internal capacity

53.1g (weight of 1 tablet 295mg, content of 1 tablet 235mg x 180 tablets)


Best before date

3 years from date of manufacture


Preservation method

Please store away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.



Mozuku extract (produced in Okinawa), HPMC


Pullulan nutritional information per 6 tablets (1.79g) Energy 4.93kcal, Protein 0.03g, Fat 0.00g, Carbohydrate 1.31g, Sodium 48.2mg, Iodine 9.4μg

"Okinawa Fucoidan" 180 capsules Seaweed Japanese health food