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・Manufacturer name/brand:     Taketora
・Size:     Body size 9.5cm x 17.5cm
・Materials/raw materials/ingredients:
Body/Filter:    Polypropylene, nose bridge, polyethylene
Ear rubber:     Polyurethane, polyester


■How to use
(1) Put the side without the rubber band on your face and put the rubber on your ears.
(2) Bend the nose bridge along the nose shape.
(3) While holding the nose bridge, pull the mask under the chin and stretch the pleats.

・Country of Origin or Country of Manufacture:    China

Surge Mask CP Resin Nose White Medical Surgical Mask 1 box: 50 Sheets Taketora

  • The non-woven 3-layer filter part with 99% filter effectively blocks pollen, dust, and house dust. LEVEL1 (BFE value ≥95%). By making the nose bridge conform to the shape of the nose, it enhances the fit during use.

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