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[Sleep soundly and feel refreshed in the morning] To sleep soundly and comfortably, it is important to take "deep sleep", which is the deep sleep that appears when you fall asleep. Ajinomoto Co., Inc. The amino acid "glycine", which is the main component of the sleep support supplement "Grina", which was born from 100 years of amino acid research, promptly brings "deep sleep" and supports the improvement of sleep quality.


[Sleep Amino Acid "Glycine"] Glycine is a type of amino acid that makes up the protein that makes up about 20% of the human body. If you take the sleeping amino acid "glycine" before going to bed, you will be able to reach "deep sleep" in your sleep in a short time, and you will be able to sleep soundly and comfortably.



Functional foods Sleep support supplement "Grina" contains 3,000 mg of "glycine" per stick.

Granule type and grapefruit flavor that is easy to drink.



Take one stick a day as a guide before going to bed with water.
Internal capacity
Box with 30 sticks (for about 30 days)

93g (3.1g x 30)


"Foods with functional claims" are not pharmaceutical products.

It is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

If you are ill or are taking medication, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist.



Ingredient name: glycine, citric acid, fragrance

* Grapefruit juice is not included.


Standard nutritional ingredients: per stick

Energy 12.4kcal, protein 3g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 0.1g, sodium 0mg, glycine 3.0g

* All analyzed as proteins are glycine.

Sleep supplement "Grina" 30 stick granules Good sleep 「Ajinomoto」From Japan

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