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It is a herbal medicine used for hysteria, nervousness, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis, gastritis and gastric ulcer.



Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, gastritis, hyperacidity, gastric ulcer, nasal catarrh, bronchitis, nervousness, hysteria



Usually, 7.5 g of an adult daily is divided into 2-3 times and taken orally before or between meals. The dosage may be adjusted according to age, weight and symptoms.


Internal Capacity




Chinese medicine also has some side effects. Depending on the person, it may be embarrassing at the time of taking it, and the appetite may be lost. You will often get used to it gradually, but please consult with your doctor when you have a hard time.


Although there are few serious side effects, taking a large amount of licorice, which is a combination herbal medicine, may cause edema (bloodiness) or increase blood pressure. It is a condition called "pseudo aldosteronism". Care should be taken just in case, such as when long-term combined use of multiple formulations.



7.5g of this product contains 2.25g of mixed herbal dried extract in the following ratio.
Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Psycho 5.0g
JP Peony 4.0g
JP Kijitsu 2.0g
JP Glycyrrhiza 1.5g

Additives: JP magnesium stearate, JP lactose hydrate

035 TSUMURA Shigyakusan Granule 2.5g To Hysteria, gastritis From Japan

  • It is a Chinese herbal medicine used for cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, etc.

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