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Riboflavin Butyrate Tablets 20mg「TSURUHARA」100tabletsVitamin B2 From Japan High Quality!!!


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Vitamin B2 preparation (oral medication)

A water-soluble vitamin containing vitamin B2, which is one of the B vitamins, and is a drug that improves mucosal, skin, and ocular symptoms mainly due to vitamin B2 deficiency by supplementing the body with vitamin B2.



1. Hypercholesterolemia

2. Prevention and treatment of vitamin B2 deficiency

3. Among the following diseases, when vitamin B2 deficiency or metabolic disorder is presumed to be involved

  Angular cheilitis, cheilitis, glossitis, seborrheic eczema, conjunctivitis, diffuse superficial keratitis

4. Supplementation when the demand for vitamin B2 increases and the intake from the diet is insufficient (consumable diseases, pregnant women, lactating women, during heavy physical labor, etc.)

Do not use indiscriminately for more than a month, even though it is ineffective for indications when hypercholesterolemia and vitamin B2 deficiency or metabolic disorders are presumed to be involved.



・ Vitamin B2 deficiency:

In general, for adults, he takes 5 to 20 mg daily in 2 to 3 divided doses as the main ingredient.


In general, for adults, take 60 to 120 mg daily as the main ingredient, and she takes 2 to 3 divided doses.

The dose may be adjusted according to the disease, age and symptoms to be treated. This drug contains 20 mg of the main ingredient in one tablet.

I will. Be sure to follow the instructions given.

・ If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you notice. However, if it is almost time to drink next time,

Don't drink what you forget, he skips one dose. Absolutely he should not take two doses at a time.

・ If you accidentally drink too much, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

・ Do not stop drinking at your own discretion without the instructions of your doctor.


Internal Capacity

100 tablets



This drug has not been investigated, such as a drug use-results survey, to clarify the frequency of adverse drug reactions.

Other side effects (incidence unknown)

Diarrhea: diarrhea, nausea / vomiting, stomach distension, abdominal distension, stomach discomfort, loss of appetite.



Riboflavin butyrate 20 mg in 1 tablet


Additives: Contains lactose hydrate, potato starch, crystalline cellulose, carmellose calcium, hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate.

Riboflavin Butyrate Tablets 20mg「TSURUHARA」100tabletsVitamin B2 From Japan

  • Agent for hypercholesterolemia
    Vitamin B2 preparation

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