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PIP! Elekiban MAX200 [24 included] Magnetic medical supplies shoulder stiffness neck waist scapula beige From Japan



[What is Elekiban] You can pinpoint care for stiff shoulders and lower back stiffness. It is odorless and inconspicuous, making it easy to use during the day.


[Improved blood circulation] The magnetism of Pip Elekiban works on internal components to improve blood circulation in the muscles and flush out "waste" to approach the vicious cycle of stiffness and relieve stiffness.


[Recommended for such people] Use it for stiff shoulders, stiffness in the lower back, stiffness in the arms, legs, soles of the feet, etc.



・Magnetism penetrates a wide area with a large conical magnet.

Uses skin-friendly bandage with excellent elasticity and moisture permeability.

Does not smell.

Small and inconspicuous in skin color.

You can take a bath with it on.

The effect lasts as long as it is applied.



Uses banso that is gentle on the skin. It is a product that relieves stiff shoulders that is comfortable to apply and does not cause rashes or stuffiness. You can take a bath with it on, so we recommend sticking it on for 2-5 days.


Internal capacity



If you are using an implanted medical electronic device such as a cardiac pacemaker or a variable pressure shunt for cerebrospinal fluid shunting, please do not use this product as it may cause malfunction.

If you are receiving medical treatment from a doctor or have any of the following conditions, be sure to consult with your doctor before using this product.

(1) Those with malignant tumors

(2) Those with heart problems

(3) Unstable period in early pregnancy or immediately after childbirth

(4) Persons with sensory impairment due to advanced peripheral circulatory disorders due to diabetes, etc.

Keep away from objects affected by magnetism, such as watches, magnetic cards, and floppy disks. (It may cause data destruction.)

Do not modify the equipment.


Keep out of reach of children and persons requiring supervision.

Put the backing paper so that the side with the magnet is on the surface of the inner bag, and stack the inner bags in the same direction for storage.



200 millitesla


Militesla is...

A unit of magnetic flux density. Magnetic flux density is the amount of magnetic lines of force per unit area. The greater the amount of magnetic field lines, the higher the magnetic flux density.

PIP! Elekiban MAX200 [24 included] Magnetic medical supplies shoulder stiffness

  • Reach Cori! work of magnetism
    Pip Elekiban's magnetism works on internal components to improve blood circulation in the muscles, and by flushing "waste", it approaches the vicious cycle of stiffness and relieves stiffness.

  • Dear Pip Elekiban users,
    ・Families with small children
    ・Families with people who need nursing care or assistance
    ・For customers with pets

    Thank you for using Pip Elekiban.

    With the recent popularity of magnet toys, there have been multiple reports of accidents due to accidental ingestion of magnets (see *). Please note the following regarding what to do if swallowed.

    According to Pip Elekiban's "For comfortable use", on the website, and in response to inquiries from customers, we ask that you dispose of it immediately after use. The following notes are also included in the instruction manual that comes with the product.

    Keep out of reach of children and persons requiring supervision.
    【after use】
    Throw away immediately after use. (If children or persons requiring supervision take it, they may accidentally remove the magnet from the bandage and swallow it.)

    ● If swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. (If magnets remain in the body, laparotomy may be required.)

    In January 2018, two incidents of accidental ingestion of strong magnetic toys were sent to the medical institution network in a row. In both cases, multiple magnetic balls with strong magnetic force were accidentally swallowed, and the magnets were attracted to each other and remained in the digestive tract, sandwiching the intestinal wall. bottom.
    (Quoted from April 19, 2018 National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan press release material [Magic balls with strong magnets cause accidental ingestion])

    If multiple magnets are mistakenly swallowed, the magnets may separate the stomach wall or intestinal tract wall and attract each other, causing intestinal obstruction or intestinal volvulus. . Before such symptoms occur, please consult a doctor immediately if swallowed. In addition, in order to prevent multiple magnets from being placed in the home, please do not remove the magnet after use and reuse it, or use it for other purposes.

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued patronage.

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