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【Lady Care12】Scar care after cesarean section or surgery



Lady Care is a silicone gel sheet developed with the motto of "beautiful, safe, simple, and smiling" for the purpose of scar care after caesarean section and laparoscopic surgery.


This silicone gel sheet was developed to protect wounds following open surgery such as Caesarean section, open chest surgery, and laparoscopic surgery, and to prevent abnormal swelling of the skin (hypertrophic scars and keloids).


Unlike conventional tapes, this is a do-it-yourself scar care sheet that relieves you from itching and swelling.




  • Wash the affected area thoroughly and wipe off any moisture before applying.

  • Open the container, remove the Lady Care, and apply the sticky side directly to the wound.

  • The adhesive surface will become dirty with sebum and other substances. Wash it with body soap or similar about once a day and rinse thoroughly.

  • After washing, place it in its case with the adhesive side facing up and leave it to dry naturally with the lid on.

  • Use two sheets alternately.

  • One box can be used for about two months (individual results may vary). Adjust application time according to skin condition.


*Please leave it on for as long as possible.

*If you pull or stretch it, there is a risk of damage.

*Adhesive strength will decrease with use. If the adhesive strength becomes weak, please replace it with a new Lady Care.


Internal capacity

120mm x 25mm x 4mm (2 sheets)



  • Sebum may not be completely removed even with washing.

  • Pulling on it may cause it to tear.

  • When removing it, to prevent it from bursting, gently peel it off with your hands rather than peeling it off in one go.

  • If the tape is too sticky when you try to remove it, wet the sticky surface before peeling it off.

  • After washing, do not wipe with tissue paper or other paper products.

  • If the adhesive strength decreases, replace with a new product.

  • We recommend continued use until the scars become less noticeable (approximately 6 months).

  • Using this product when exudation is present may cause dermatitis.



FDA approved medical silicone

Exclusive storage container

Spatula for removal

【Lady Care12】Scar care after cesarean section or surgery


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