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【Mepitac】Soft silicone tape. Dressing material Covering protection material



● A soft silicone fixation tape that is gentle on the skin.

● SafeTac Technology is used in the layer that comes into contact with the wound, providing firm fixation while reducing pain and tissue damage when changing the tape.

● This tape is suitable for patients with sensitive skin and those who require continuous tape use.

● Waterproof

● Breathable

● Easy to cut.



This tape is used to secondarily secure tubes, IV catheters, dressings, etc. It can also be applied under medical devices such as tubes to protect the skin.



Make sure the skin is clean and dry. If you have used any ointments, wash them off. Cut the tape to the required length with scissors.


Peel the tape off the release film.


Please paste carefully so as not to stretch the Mepitac.


Internal capacity

2cm x 3m (0.8in x 3.3yd): 1 box



  • The adhesive strength may weaken in humid environments (incubators, patients with high fevers, etc.). 

  • Please refrain from using this product to secure arterial catheters.



Backing: Polyurethane film / Polyacrylate adhesive / Polyester/polyamide tricot

Wound contact layer: Soft Silicone

Release film: Polyethylene film


Shelf-life: 3 years

【Mepitac】Soft silicone tape. Dressing material Covering protection material

  • Dressings using SafeTac adhesive technology reduce pain for patients and the risk of tissue damage to the wound bed and surrounding skin during dressing changes.

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