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"FUJILACS" Acts directly on intestinal flora


Made with domestically grown, pesticide-free soybeans grown in Japan's delicious water.

Contains "lactic acid bacteria production substances" containing 352 active ingredients, such as essential amino acids and peptides, cultivated and extracted from the soy milk made from these pesticide-free soybeans, and the natural ingredient "passion fruit seed extract."

Improves intestinal flora, which tends to become disrupted, to help keep you hydrated and healthy every day.

Compounding ingredients
・Carefully selected 16 types and 35 strains of lactic acid bacteria produced substances

Our intestines are home to approximately 1,000 types and 100 trillion intestinal bacteria, which are responsible for approximately 70% of the body's immune function.
An increase in the good bacteria in the intestines has effects such as intestinal regulation, allergy relief, and beautiful skin, while an increase in the bad bacteria can cause symptoms such as constipation and rough skin.
Fujilax contains "lactic acid bacteria production substances" that act directly on the "intestinal flora" where good and bad bacteria coexist.


※Lactic acid bacteria-produced substances are metabolites secreted by fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, and include essential amino acids, peptides, immune components, and antibacterial components, and are also called "biogenics."


・Natural ingredients passion fruit seed extract
The active ingredient "piceatannol" extracted from passion fruit seeds contains a lot of polyphenols, which are antioxidants. It helps burn stubborn fat and helps moisturize dry skin.

Recommended for these people

  • Those who are concerned about skin problems caused by intestinal problems
  • Those who are concerned about bowel movements
  • Those who have started to notice noticeable pores
  • Those who want to regain their youth
  • Those who want to stay healthy
  • Those with high blood pressure
  • Those who cannot seem to shake off fatigue
  • Those with high blood sugar levels

Internal capacity
10g x 30 sachets

"FUJILACS" Acts directly on intestinal flora [10g x 30 sachets]


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