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NICHIBAN SKINERGATE Mesh  SGM25(25mm x 7m)12 rolls included From JAPAN



Model number : SGM25

Size: 25mm×7m


This extremely low-irritation tape with a highly flexible non-woven fabric base material has high moisture permeability, prevents stuffiness, and prevents rashes. It can be used for a long time and is ideal for those with sensitive skin.



It stretches well even with a small force and follows the movement of the skin well. Even if it is applied for a long time, the skin does not macerate easily, so only a small number of keratinocytes are detached when it is removed. It can be used by the elderly and infants, who have fragile skin, as it causes little pain when peeled off and does not cause rashes.



・By using a hypoallergenic adhesive and a base material made of mesh material, both skin-friendliness and fixing power are achieved.
・Familiar with the skin and reduces pain and exfoliation when peeling off.
・Even if it is applied for a long time, it has the same skin adhesive strength as conventional products and the amount of exfoliated keratinocytes is small.
・Since the tape base material is made of highly flexible non-woven fabric, stress on the skin during application can be reduced.
・Because it stretches well with a small force, it follows even small movements of the skin.


Internal capacity

Width: 12mm

1 box (12 rolls included)



If you apply it in a stretched state, it may cause skin irritation. Do not pull on the tape.

Do not apply directly to the wound.

If you experience any symptoms such as rash / redness, blisters, skin peeling and itchiness during use, discontinue use.

When peeling off, slowly peel off along the flow of hair so as not to damage the skin.


Precautions for storage

Be careful not to get it wet, and store it at room temperature away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.



Base material: Polypropylene non-woven fabric
Adhesive: Acrylic

NICHIBAN SKINERGATE SG25 (25mm×7m) 12rolls included From JAPAN

  • ・Applying while stretched may cause skin irritation. Do not apply the tape by pulling it. ・Do not apply directly to wounds.
    ・Should you experience symptoms such as rash, redness, or itchiness during use, discontinue use.
    ・When removing, remove slowly along the flow of body hair so as not to damage the skin.

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