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It is a protective glass for the eyes. I will gently protect my eyes after surgery.
Lens and frame are also resistant to UV cut and impact.
It is effective for preventing wind and dust and pollen.
You can use it while sleeping.
The color is clear color.


S,M,L size
Approximate length of temple from temple to about S:12cm M:13.3 cm L:15cm


(1)Since the lens has been subjected to anti-fog processing, please do not wipe strongly.
(2)Please do not place it in a place where it gets hot.
(3)Do not mix with metal that will scratch the lens.


  • The feature of this product is that the quality is very good.
    Therefore, in Japan, it is worn after ophthalmic surgery.

    It is also used to protect eyes in everyday life.

    There are sales records of 1 million books since its release.

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