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Our pharmacy staff "Suggestion" & "Handmade" medicine box! 


pictorial pattern: Yagasuri...「Yabane (Arrow-Fletch) Pattern」

The arrow fletching pattern is an auspicious pattern.The feathers of "Hamaya" are drawn on the arrow fletching motif.Hamaya is an arrow given by a shrine at the time of the first shrine visit, but since Hamaya has the meaning of "eliminating unhappiness and shooting happiness", arrow fletching has also come to be auspicious. 


That famous "Demon Slayer": The characters of Kimetsu no Yaiba are also wearing kimonos with various patterns, and more and more people are interested in Japanese patterns!


Box size: 15㎝×24㎝×8㎝(Vertical x horizontal x height)



It is also good to use as a medicine box ♪
Great for small items and gifts!


Medicine BOX : "Yagasuri"

  • ・ The box is handmade. Please understand.
    ・ The color of the photo may differ from the actual product depending on the environment you are viewing.

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