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Contents:100g(Approximately About 18 pieces )

Product description

It is a candy made based on the Japanese regional medicine "mankintan".
mankiname is a delicious black candy that is pleasant to the throat and stomach mixed with three kinds of Herbal medicine(opium, licorice, cinnamon) in Okinawa's brown sugar.

As much as you can, as possible, please enjoy slowly without chewing.

If you chew it will make the bitter taste of Japanese Wan plants easier.


Man kin ame explanation PDF

Mankiname from Japan Herbal Medicine Candy

  • "Ise-Kuni Asakumadake Mankin-ame" is a flavourful a candy that is great for 'throat' and 'tummy', which is a blend of three types of Japanese and Chinese plants (Asen, licorice and cinnamon) combined with Okinawan brown sugar.

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