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It is a steroid coating that works to reduce skin irritation and improves symptoms such as redness, swelling and itching


Eczema / dermatitis group, herpes zoster group (including urticaria like licheniformis, strophorus, fixed urticaria), psoriasis, palmoplantar pustulosis


Dosing and Administration
Apply an appropriate amount one to several times a day.

Internal capacity

【Person to be careful】
Do not use for the next patient
Bacterial, fungal, spirochete, viral skin infections, and animal skin diseases (such as itch and bruises)
[It may aggravate infections and animal skin disease symptoms. ]
Eczema with a perforation in the tympanic membrane
[The healing of the perforated site may be delayed. There is also a risk of infection. ]
Ulcer (except Behcet's disease), second-degree or more serious burns and frostbites
[Skin regeneration may be suppressed and healing may be significantly delayed. There is also a risk of infection. ]

[In use]
In principle, it is not used for eczema / dermatitis associated with skin infection.
Discontinue use as soon as possible after improving symptoms.
Be careful when using it on the eyelid skin, as it may cause intraocular pressure, glaucoma and cataract.
Do not use for makeup and after shaving.


in 1g

Active IngredientDosage
Hydrocortisone butyric acid ester1mg

LOCOID Ointment 100g 0.1% To Eczema / dermatitis From Japan High Quality

  • In addition to use for relatively mild symptoms, it is also easy to use for delicate affected areas such as the face. Because it is mild and less likely to have systemic side effects, it is also used in children and babies.

    Steroid strength  
    Very Strong  


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