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Lion Eye Drops Smile 40 EXa Vitamin 15mL 3 types of vitamins




An exhilarating and cool eye drop that exerts excellent effects on "eye strain," "blurred eyes," "hyperemia," and "itch."

●Triple vitamin prescription

Three types of vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6) improve "eye strain" and "blurred eyes".

[Vitamin A] Helps the normal functioning of corneal cells.

[Vitamin E] Promotes blood circulation in the eyes.

[Vitamin B6] Promotes the metabolism of the eyes.


●Nutrition Supply

Amino acids (potassium L-aspartate) nourish the eyes directly.


●No preservatives added

Contains no preservatives (such as benzalkonium chloride).

Smile's original technology gives it an antiseptic effect.



Tired eyes, blurred vision (when there is a lot of eyes and eyes), conjunctival congestion, itchy eyes, eyelid inflammation (eyelid soreness), eye disease prevention (when dust or sweat gets into the eyes after swimming), ultraviolet rays Eye inflammation caused by other rays (snow eyes, etc.), discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses


Dosage / Administration

Instill 1 to 3 drops at a time, 3 to 6 times daily


(1) Excessive use may cause abnormal glare or even hyperemia.

(2) If you want to use it for children, please use it under the guidance and supervision of a guardian.

(3) Do not let the tip of the container touch your eyes, eyelids, or eyelashes (it may cause contamination or foreign matter (eyes, dust, etc.)). Also, do not use turbid ones.

(4) Do not use with soft contact lenses on.

(5) Please use only for eye drops.


Ingredients and quantity

15mL ×5

15mL ×10


Ingredient quantity

In 100 mL of ingredients

Retinol palmitate ester        30000 units

Acetic acid d-α-tocopherol      0.05g

Pyridoxine hydrochloride       0.04g

L-Potassium aspartate        1g

Neostigmine Methyl Sulfate     0.005g

Chlorpheniramine maleate     0.03g

Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.01g



Boric acid, tromethamole, sodium edetate, dibutylhydroxytoluene (BHT), polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, l-menthol, dl-camphor, d-borneol, pH adjuster

Lion Eye Drops Smile 40 EXa Vitamin 15mL 3 types of vitamins

  • Refreshing cool eye drops that work for eye fatigue and blurred eyes

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