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Ibokorori Adhesive Plaster F is a medicine (keratin exfoliant) that utilizes the keratin softening and dissolving action of salicylic acid. It softens thick and hard skin and removes corns, calluses and warts. It can be cut freely according to the size of the affected area, and because it is adhesive, it adheres to the affected area and enhances the penetration effect of the active ingredient salicylic acid. In addition, the protective pad relieves the pain of the affected area caused by external stimulation.



Medicine for Callus ・Corn ・Wart



Cut a salicylic acid bandage to fit the size of the affected area and stick it over the affected area. Next, when it hurts due to pressure or contact, such as corns, select a pad that matches the size of the affected area and apply it as needed. Furthermore, fix it with the fixing tape.


How to use Ibokorori Adhesive Plaster F

1. Keep the affected area clean and dry. Cut a salicylic acid bandage to fit the size of the affected area and stick it on the affected area.

*It is more effective if you wipe the affected area well after bathing.

* Cut the salicylic acid bandage slightly smaller than the affected area so that the salicylic acid bandage does not stick to healthy skin.

2. If the affected area hurts due to pressure or contact, select a protective pad that matches the size of the affected area and apply one or two if necessary.

3. Affix the fixing tape and make sure that the salicylic acid bandage does not move.

4. If you continue to stick it for 2 to 3 days, the active ingredient salicylic acid will penetrate and the affected area will turn white.

*If the salicylic acid bandage is displaced from the affected area, or if the bandage comes off during bathing, etc., replace it. If it gets wet, wipe off the water well before using.

5. Remove the affected area that has softened and started to peel off with tweezers, etc., to the extent that you do not feel pain. Soaking the affected area in hot water will make it easier to remove.

*If it hurts, do not remove it forcibly.

6. 1. Until the affected area is completely removed. ~ 5. Please use it repeatedly according to the instructions. After the affected area is removed, the skin naturally regenerates.

*If the corn (corneal column) is not completely removed, the corn will recur.

*When the wart is removed, smooth skin will appear.


Internal capacity

3 pieces


1. The following people should not use this product.

Infants (under 7 years old)

2. Do not use on the following parts.

(1) Face, around the eyes, lips, mucous membranes, etc.

(2) Soft parts of the skin such as the neck.

(3) Affected areas with inflammation or scars.

3. Do not use for the following symptoms.

(1) water warts

(2) Senile warts (dark brown flat warts)

(3) Condyloma acuminata (warts around the anus and vulva)

(4) A row of warts, clusters of warts, and multiple warts on the body.



in 100 g of plaster)

Salicylic acid 50g


Additives: refined lanolin, ester gum, polybutene, crude rubber

Ibokorori Adhesive Plaster F 3 pieces To Callus ・Corn ・Wart From Japan

  • A type that can be freely cut according to the affected area

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