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HIYA KIOGAN TOKUSEN KINTSUBU (GOLD) Japanese traditional medicine Crying at night 



Hiyakiogan Tokusen Kin-gan consists of five kinds of carefully selected herbal medicines, which act gently to treat nervousness and gastrointestinal weakness in children.  


It is also effective in improving symptoms such as "poor appetite," "loose bowels," and "frequent monthly colds and fevers.  


Hiyakiogan Tokusen Kinzukumi is a medicine that can also be taken by adults. It improves the symptoms of "loss of appetite," "weak stomach," and "catching a cold" in both parents raising children and the elderly. 



・Childhood nervousness (irritability)   

As children grow older, they may become anxious about their interactions with people around them and frustrated when they do not get what they want. During these times, sensitive children may become stressed out and show various physical and mental symptoms (irritability) such as high hunches, nightmares, and emotional instability.  

This is an important time of growth for both mind and body, so it is important to correct these conditions as soon as possible. 

*This product is effective for seizures, but not for epilepsy or febrile convulsions. Please pay attention to the symptoms.  


・Anorexia. Weakness of the stomach and intestines  

Symptoms such as "poor appetite" or "weak stomach and intestines" should be corrected as soon as possible during this important period of growth.  


・Colds, Get chilled while asleep 

Children have weak resistance to colds, so it is important to treat them as soon as possible before the symptoms become severe. This is recommended when the child has a recurrent cold or fever.  


・Diarrhea. Indigestion. Milk rashes.  

Children's stomachs are not yet accustomed to different foods. They are prone to stomach upset when they eat new foods or when their environment changes. It is important to help your child as soon as possible while the symptoms are mild. 



Take the following 1 dose 3 times a day with water or white water before meals. 

  • Under 1 year old: 1 to 2 grains 

  • 1-3 years old: 2-5 grains 

  • 4-7 years old: 5-8 grains 

  • 8-15 years old: 8-10 grains 

  • 16 years and older: 15 grains 


Dosage Tip 

  • For babies, apply to nipple and swallow. 

  • For babies, give it with a paste (yogurt, jam). 

  • Apply to the upper jaw and inner cheeks, and immediately give a hot water cooler or fruit juice. 


Internal capacity 

75, 200, 500 Pills  (Rounded pills) 



・The following persons should consult a physician, pharmacist, or registered sales representative before taking this product.  

People with serious symptoms such as severe diarrhea or high fever. 


・In the following cases, immediately stop taking the product and consult a physician, pharmacist, or registered sales representative with this package insert (instruction manual)  

(1) If there is no improvement in symptoms of nervousness, night wakings, irritability, rash, anorexia, or gastrointestinal weakness in children after taking the drug for 1 month. 

(2) For cold, cold fever, lethargy, diarrhea, indigestion and lactation, if there is no improvement after several doses (5~6 times). 



Each 45 Pills  (maximum daily dose for persons 16 years and older) contains the following ingredients 

  • Ginkgo: 18.3375 mg 

  • musk: 3.9375mg 

  • Gou: 0.7875mg 

  • Carrot: 52.425mg 

  • Yutang: 1.350mg 


Additives: rice flour, rice flour (sticky rice), ryunou, honey (heated), paraben, gold leaf, and foil. 

HIYA KIOGAN TOKUSEN KINTSUBU (GOLD) Japanese traditional medicine Crying at nigh

  • ・ Pills coated with gold leaf. Diameter: approx. 1.5mm
    ・Contains musk as the main ingredient
    ・It can be taken by everyone from babies to adults.

    [Recommended type]
    Babies who wake up at night and tend to be nervous (grumpy, irritable).
    Irritability caused by the stress of school life and studying for entrance exams.
    Also suitable for tired mothers!
    For those who feel stress from work!

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