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【10sets】HIRUDOIDO Gel 0.3% 25g[×10] To Blood circulation, swelling and pain From Japan High Quality!!



Prevents blood from clumping and improves blood circulation. Doing so will improve congestion and improve the healing of the affected area. It also has a mild anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Due to these effects, it is effective for bruising, sprains, thrombophlebitis, and bruising.


Sebum deficiency, progressive palmar keratoderma
Treatment and prevention of hypertrophic scar and keloid
Pain and inflammatory diseases based on hematological disorders (hardening and pain after injection)
Thrombotic phlebitis (including hemorrhoids)
Swelling, hematoma, tendonitis, myalgia, arthritis after trauma (collision, sprain, contusion)
Muscular torso (infancy)


Dosing and Administration
Apply one or several times a day or gauze according to symptoms
Stretch and paste.

Internal capacity


Because it is a mild acting plaster, there are almost no side effects. If you have skin rash, redness or itching, consult your doctor.



in 1g                                                                                      

Active IngredientDosage

Additives: isopropanol, propylene glycol, triisopropanolamine, carboxyvinyl polymer, fragrance

【10sets】HIRUDOIDO Gel 0.3% 25g[×10] To Blood circulation, swelling and pain

  • The effect of promoting blood circulation by a heparin-like substance reduces inflammation at the site of use and reduces pain and swelling caused by impaired blood circulation.
    It is usually used to treat bruises, sprains, swelling, tendonitis, myalgias, and arthritis.

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