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Stomach heaviness, excessive eating or drinking, epigastric pressure, or loss of appetite.

Heartburn, stomach pain, gastric hyperacidity, stomach heaviness, discomfort, or burping

Poor digestion, promotes digestion, weak stomach, abdominal or stomach bloating

Nausea (stomach retchingupset stomach caused by hangover/sickness from drinking), or vomiting



This medicine product works to promote the relief of stomach heaviness, retching, and stomach discomfort as per the following:

Aids digestion through the utilization of the fat digestion enzyme lipase AP12 and the digestive enzyme taka-diastase N1.

Promotes the functioning of weakened stomachs and relieves stomach discomfort and loss of appetite with 6 types of stomachic ingredients medicinal herbs.

Suppresses the cause of stomach pain with mallotus japonicus and Powdered glycyrrhiza for soothing irritation or inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and 3 types of antacids for restoring the balance of gastric acids.

Does not contain sodium. Can be taken by persons concerned about sodium intake levels.



Please take the following amount with water or lukewarm water.


Age 15 and older/ 3 tablets /3 times/day

Age 11 to 14/ 2 tablets/3 times/day

Take after meals


Under 11 years Do not use.


Internal capacity

320 Tablets



(If you do not observe it, your current symptoms will worsen and side effects will be more likely to occur.)

1. Do not take the following people.

People receiving dialysis therapy


2. Please do not use it for a long time.



Light grayish brown to light brown uncoated tablets

(In 9 tablets)

Takadiastase N1 150mg, Lipase AP12 60mg, Mallotus japonicus extract 63mg (504mg as Mallotus japonicus), Licorice powder 150mg, Magnesium aluminate 720mg, Synthetic hydrotalcite 300mg, Magnesium hydroxide 600mg, Oubaku powder 105mg, Keihi powder 225mg, Wikyo powder 60mg , Choji powder 30mg, Licorice powder 75mg, l-menthol 9mg


Additives: Japanese pepper, potato starch, carmellose, magnesium stearate

Daiichi Sankyo Ichoyaku (Tablets) s 320Tablets To stomach upset, upsetness

  • It works smoothly for stomach upset, upsetness, and discomfort after eating.
    #Stomach leaning / overeating #Mainly postprandial symptoms #For weakened stomach #Daiichi Sankyo gastrointestinal drug #Comprehensive gastrointestinal drug #Tablet # 11 years old and over

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