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Stomach upset, overeating, excessive drinking, pressure on the chest, loss of appetite

Heartburn, stomachache, chlorhydria, stomach heaviness, stomach discomfort, belching

Dyspepsia, accelerated digestion, indigestion, a feeling of gastric/abdominal distension

Nausea (heartburn, nausea due to hangover/ drunken sickness), vomiting

Intestinal regulation (regulating bowel movement), soft stool, constipation



Stimulates the stomach functions and improves the intestinal condition to its normal state.


"Lipase AP12", which breaks down fat, and "Takadiastase N1", which breaks down proteins and sugars, help digest food that has accumulated in the stomach.

"Six healthy stomach components" enhance the function of the weakened stomach.

The plant-derived lactic acid bacterium "Rakbon", which reaches the intestines alive, improves the intestinal environment and brings the intestinal condition closer to normal.


Those who have stomach upset and are prone to loose stools and constipation.

When you have a bad stomach, but you do not know the cause, whether it is the stomach or the intestines.



Take the following amount with cold or warm water.


15 years or over/ 3 tablets/ 3 times

11 to 14 years/ 2 tablets / 3 times

Take after meals


*Under 11 years Do not use.


Internal capacity

270 Tablets



(If you do not observe it, your current symptoms will worsen and side effects will be more likely to occur.)

1. Do not take the following people.

Person receiving dialysis therapy


2. Please do not use it for a long time.



(In 9 tablets)

Takadiastase N1   150mg

Lipase AP12       60mg

Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria (bulkbon bulk powder)   60 mg

Magnesium aluminate    735mg

Synthetic hydrotalcite    600mg

Precipitated calcium carbonate   420mg

Phellodendron powder  105mg

Cinnamon powder      225mg

Ginger powder        75mg

Clove powder         30mg

Fennel powder        60mg

l-Menthol             9mg

Ardioxa              60mg

Licorice powder      150mg


Additives: Carmellose, Japanese pepper, Magnesium stearate

Daiichi Sankyo Ichoyaku Plus Tablets 270Tablets To weakened stomach From Japan

  • It works on a weakened stomach and brings the intestinal condition closer to normal.
    #For overeating and overdrinking #Mainly postprandial symptoms #For weakened stomach #Daiichi Sankyo gastrointestinal drug #Comprehensive gastrointestinal drug #Tablet # 11 years old and over

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