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CADEX OINTMENT Divided package 45mg 0.9% 5g 10 sheets To burns, bedsores From Japan



Cadex's active ingredient, iodine, gradually releases as the base cadexomer absorbs water.

It is released and exerts a continuous bactericidal action on the ulcer surface and bacteria adsorbed to this drug.



Cadexomer removes exudate from the ulcer surface, viscous necrotic tissue (slough), inflammatory substances, bacteria, etc.

It has the function of absorbing, adsorbing and purifying.



After cleansing the ulcer surface, apply this medicine to the affected area in a thickness of about 3 mm once a day. (Apply 3g per 4cm diameter as a guide).

For heavy exudate, apply twice daily.

Internal capacity

10 sheets


(1) Patients with abnormal thyroid function [Symptoms may be exacerbated by iodine absorbed from the wound surface. ]

(2) Patients with severe burns [Extensive use may cause acidosis. ]

(3) Patients with renal failure [serum iodine concentration may increase significantly. ]

(4) Newborns (see "Other Precautions" section)



Keep in mind that treatment with this drug is a conservative treatment, and if symptoms do not improve after about 2 months of administration, surgical therapy, etc. should be considered.

Since this drug is indicated for burn ulcers, other appropriate therapies should be considered for burns with no clinical ulcers.



1 piece (5g)
Iodine 45mg
Base: Cadexomer 150

Additives: Macrogol 300, Macrogol 1500

CADEX OINTMENT Divided package 45mg 0.9% 5g 10 sheets To burns, bedsores

  • ・Sustained bactericidal action
    ・Cleansing the ulcer surface with high exudate absorption capacity
    ・Excellent wound healing promotion effect
    ・Excellent usefulness with once-daily use
    ・Ointment with good spreadability that is easy to apply
    ・Reduction of odor

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