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✨✨It’s high in fiber✨✨
When it comes to nutrients, burdock root is rich in Dietary fiber.

Most of the dietary fiber is biased to "insoluble" that does not dissolve in water, but in the case of burdock, it is a big feature that it contains a lot of both "insoluble" and "water-soluble".


"Insoluble dietary fiber" is said to have the effect of regulating intestinal movement and preventing colon cancer because it activates intestinal peristalsis. It also works to prevent arteriosclerosis by suppressing cholesterol and triglycerides.

"Water-soluble dietary fiber" has the effect of suppressing the rise in blood sugar level and lowering bad cholesterol, and can be expected to be effective in preventing diabetes and lifestyle-related diseases in general.

In addition, these two types of dietary fiber regulate the condition of the intestines and can be expected to improve constipation.


!!Dispensing pharmacy Kitaoka Original!!

We tried to make such a “Gobo” into a unique Japanese “Arare”!
*Arare = cubic rice crackers Japanese sweets


Internal capacity

BURDOCK SNACK 100g ×10set


Raw materials:
Glutinous rice (produced in Japan), vegetable oil, dried burdock root (produced in Japan), burdock thinning, salt, red pepper, lactose/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), fragrance, caramel pigment, sweetener (stevia)

Partially contains wheat, soybeans, crab, milk ingredients, pork, and sesame.


*Products containing wheat, soybeans, shrimp, crab, pork and sesame are manufactured in the same facility.
After opening, consume as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.


Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Calorific value






Salt equivalent





■🌶️There are individual differences in how you feel the spiciness. Children and people who don't like spicy food, please be careful.

■After opening, it becomes easy to get damp, so please enjoy it as soon as possible.


In order to maximize the flavor, the [expiration date] is set shorter than regular products.
Expiration date: Described at the bottom outside the frame of the product bag.

【10sets】BURDOCK SNACK 100g ×10set

  • Burdock =牛蒡Gobo

    Japanese people have been eating a lot of root vegetables, that is, vegetables whose roots and rhizomes are edible. In addition to radish, carrots, turnips, lotus roots, etc. I've been taking care of the nutrition that can be stored in the soil.

    Among various root vegetables, there is probably no other food that is more unique to Japan than burdock.


    Although considered as an introduced species, burdock cultivation developed only in Japan. In addition, it is said that Japan is the only place where burdock is used as a variety of ingredients.

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