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It is a medicine called Boiogito. Improves body water circulation and relieves fatigue and pain. This prescription is easy to get tired from sweating and is suitable for fair and fat people.


Joint swelling and pain associated with obesity, swelling, hyperhidrosis, obesity (muscle tightness, water blotting)


Dosing and Administration
Divide 7.5 g (3 package) per day for adults in two to three times and orally it before meals or between meals.

Internal capacity
2.5 g 


Chinese medicine has some side effects. Depending on the person, you may feel nauseous when taking it, or you may lose your appetite. I often get used to it, but if you have difficulty, talk to your doctor.



7.5g of this product contains 3.75g of mixed herbal dried extract in the following ratio.
Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Astragalus 5.0g
JP Bowie 5.0g
JP Sojutsu 3.0g
JP Taiso 3.0g
JP Glycyrrhiza 1.5g
JP ginger 1.0g

Additives: JP light anhydrous silicic acid, JP magnesium stearate, JP lactose hydrate

020 TSUMURA Boiogito Granule 2.5g To Obesity From Japan High Quality!

  • It is used to treat impaired kidney function, obesity, arthritis, skin inflammation, swelling, hyperhidrosis, and irregular menstruation.

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