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Compact & easy-to-carry wrist type blood pressure manometer



  • Easy operation & simple functions
  • Memories data of 60 times
  • Blood pressure level display function, pulse detection function
  • Date and time display, remaining battery information
  • Convenient case for storage and mobile


Convenient to carry with a special case.

With blood pressure measurement record sheet.

Maximum / minimum blood pressure and pulse can be measured.

From there, the blood pressure level, such as how high it is from the normal value, is calculated and displayed in 6 levels.



Wrap the sphygmomanometer around your wrist.

Place your elbows on a table, etc.

Adjust the sphygmomanometer to the height of your heart.

Press the "Measure / Stop" button to start measurement.

When finished, it will stop automatically and the result will be displayed.

"Automatically memorizes the measured values for up to 60 times.

The date is also displayed, making it easy to see past data.

Product specifications
Product size                     W68×D31×H75mm

Product weight                    120g

Battery                         AAA battery 2pcs

Measurable wrist circumference         13.519.5cm

Measurement range                Pressure0300mmHg

Pulse rate40160 beats per minute

Accuracy                       Pressure ±3 mmHg or less

Pulse rate ±5% or less

Barcode number                  BM-100BK4536117 017397

Design registration number           No. 1470860

Medical device authentication number     224AKBZX00146000

BM-100 Black Wrist type blood pressure manometer “Dretec” From Japan

  • Compact type that is easy to carry

    In fact, high blood pressure is called a silent killer.
    There are few people who feel subjective symptoms, and in many cases the discovery is delayed.
    Therefore, check your health condition on a daily basis.
    Having a habit is very important.
    The wrist-type sphygmomanometer is compact in size, so you can place it within easy reach and measure it at any time.
    It comes with a special case, so you can easily carry it to your travel destination or company.
    Since it can be measured with the touch of a button, it is not a burden and consideration is given to a design that makes it easy to become a habit.
    Why don't you start a healthy life from what you know first?

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