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It improves stomach pain, heartburn, stomach upset, and loss of appetite. Suitable for people who are cold, thin, and have little physical strength.


The following symptoms that are lean and tend to relax abdominal muscles, have stomach or abdominal pain, sometimes with heartburn, burping, loss of appetite, and bruising

Nervous gastritis, chronic gastritis, gastric atony


Dosing and Administration
Divide 7.5 g (3 package) per day for adults in two to three times and orally it before meals or between meals.

Internal capacity
2.5 g 



Depending on the person, you may feel nauseous when taking it, or you may lose your appetite. I often get used to it, but if you have difficulty, talk to your doctor.

There are few serious side effects, but edema (swelling) and blood pressure may increase due to the large dose of licorice herbal medicine. Symptoms called
pseudoaldosteronism. Care should be taken when using multiple agents for long periods.



7.5g of this product contains 1.5g of mixed herbal dried extract in the following ratio.
Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Keihi 4.0g
JP Engosaku 3.0g
JP Borei 3.0g
JP Fennel 1.5g
JP Glycyrrhiza 1.0g
JP Shuksha 1.0g
JP Ryoukyo 0.5g

Additives: JP magnesium stearate, JP lactose hydrate

005 TSUMURA Anchusan Granule 2.5g To Stomachache From Japan