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5sets Kagura medicinal Bath salt (30g x 2) x 5 bags medicated bath natural crude drug additive-free From Japan



10 natural Japanese and Herbal medicines.

Kagura's medicated bath is an additive-free bath additive made from 100% natural herbal medicines.

It contains a well-balanced blend of 10 kinds of natural herbal medicines, including Toki, a domestically produced drug with a good fragrance and high permeability.

Herbal medicine ingredients improve blood circulation and warm the body from the core to improve sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, and fatigue.


Feeling sluggish, unable to get rid of fatigue, sensitivity to cold, insomnia, heavy stomach,

Irregular menstruation, menopause, etc.


The medicinal bath enhances the benefits of soaking in the bath even more.

If I do my best today, I don't want to leave fatigue on the next day.

For such people, the herbal bath is recommended.



Cold sensitivity, neurosis, lumbago, rheumatism, stiff shoulders, bruises, sprains, frostbite, cracks, chapped skin, hemorrhoids, heat rash, dryness, eczema, acne, recovery from fatigue, cold before and after childbirth


Put 1 package (30g) in hot water (180-200 liters) in the bathtub and use.

We recommend lukewarm water with a temperature of 38°C in spring and summer and 40°C in autumn and winter.


Do not tear the non-woven fabric inside.


Sufficient hot bath effect can be obtained just by soaking for 10 to 20 minutes.

It warms the body to the core and enhances the function of the parasympathetic nerves to improve the quality of sleep.


Internal capacity

(30g x 2)  x5 bags



Cinnamon bark  4.0g

Chimpi (Chenpi)  3.5g

Cnidium officinalis  3.5g

Phellodendron (yellow oak)  3.0g

Glycyrrhiza (Glycyrrhiza)  3.0g

Shokyo (ginger)  3.0g

Soujutsu    3.0g

Touki (Toki)   3.0g

Kouka (safflower) 2.0g

Peony (peony)    2.0g

【5sets】 Kagura medicinal Bath salt (30g x 2) x 5 bags medicated bath natural

  • Feel like a hot spring cure in your own hot tub. Contains 10 types of natural Japanese and Chinese herbal medicines.
    It warms the body from the core and relieves the fatigue and stiffness of the whole body.