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Eye drops containing antiallergic drugs. It has the effect of suppressing the action of internal substances such as histamine which cause allergic symptoms. It also prevents and alleviates symptoms such as itching, redness, and watery eyes due to allergies. Often used for hay fever.


Allergic conjunctivitis, spring catarrh


[General name] Pemirolast potassium ophthalmic solution
[Active ingredient] 1 mg of pemirolast potassium is contained in 1 ml.


Dosing and Administration
In general, apply one drop at a time, twice a day (morning and evening).

Internal capacity
5mL ×5

Has few side effects. If your bloodshot eyes and Kayumi become worse after instillation, consult your doctor as soon as possible.



in 1mL

Active IngredientDosage
Pemilast potassium1mg

Additives: Benzalkonium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, concentrated glycerin, sodium hydrogen phosphate hydrate

【5sets】ALEGYSAL Ophthalmic Solution 0.1% 5ml [x5] To Allergic conjunctivitis

  • The feature of this eye drop is that it is highly persistent and works effectively twice a day.

    By suppressing release of allergic symptoms such as histamine, allergic symptoms such as itching and hyperemia are suppressed.

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