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This medicine removes redness and itching of the skin. Used to treat eczema and dermatitis.The strength of topical steroids is ranked from the strongest group to the weak group. This medicine falls into Group 3 [Strong]. Due to its moderate strength, it is widely prescribed for various skin conditions.



Eczema / dermatitis group (including progressive palmokeratosis, bidar lichen), insect bites, urticaria group (including urticaria-like lichen, stroflus, nodular urticaria (fixed urticaria)), psoriasis, Palmoplantar pustulosis, hypertrophic scar / keloid, squamous red lichen, chronic discoid lupus erythematosus, and granulomas.



After the affected area is gently washed and dried well, the product is cut to an appropriate size while attached to the plaster surface-coated plastic film, the plastic film is removed, and the plaster surface is applied to the affected area and applied. This product can be replaced every 12 or 24 hours after application. If necessary, there is also a method of applying only at night. The affected area is also washed and dried when it is replaced.


Internal Capacity

(7.5×10㎝) 50plasters

(1 sheet / 1 bag ×50sheets)



There are few side effects even in long-term use.


in 1㎠

Active Ingredient


Deprodon propionate


Additives: Ester gum HG, crotamitone, dibutylhydroxytoluene, styrene / isoprene / styrene block copolymer, polyisobutylene, liquid paraffin, and 1 other ingredient


【50 Sheets】ECLAR PLASTER 20μg/㎠ 50 plaster To Eczema, dermatitis "Hisamitsu"

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  • It is an anti-inflammatory steroid that suppresses symptoms such as itching and swelling.
    It is usually used to treat eczema, dermatitis, insect bites, prurigo, psoriasis, palmoplantar pustulosis, scar / keloid, lichen, granuloma, etc.

  • With the decision to discontinue sales of DRENISON TAPES in July 2023, demand for ECLAR PLASTER is rapidly increasing.
    Further demand is expected to increase in the future.

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