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5 setsGastrointestinal Medicine Cello 20 Packs [×5] To Stomach Pain, Heaviness, Gefarnate From Japan



●A gastrointestinal medicine containing gefarnate, a gastric mucosal protective and repair agent. Gelphanate increases the resistance of weakened gastric mucosa and protects and repairs damaged gastric mucosa.

●In order to enhance the protection and repair of the gastric mucosa, it contains sodium azulene sulfonate, which has the same gastric mucosa protection and repair effects as gelphanate, and L-glutamic acid. It is highly effective against gastritis symptoms such as stomach pain, heaviness, and heartburn.

●The combination of magnesium aluminate metasilicate and funnel extract, which suppresses stomach acid, directly relieves unpleasant symptoms caused by stomach acid, and the combination of stomachic agent Gyoukyo helps weakened stomach function.



Stomach pain, heaviness (stomach heaviness), heartburn, drinking too much, hyperacidity, stomach heaviness, nausea (nausea, upset stomach, hangover, nausea from bad drunkenness, nausea, nausea), vomiting, tightness in the chest, belching, stomach area Discomfort, stomach bloating



Please take the following amount with water or lukewarm water between or after meals.

Adults (15 years and older): 1 packet at a time/3 times a day

Children (under 15 years old): Do not take


Precautions related to usage and dosage

Please strictly follow the directions and dosage.


Internal capacity

(1 package 1.65g)

20 packets x 5 sets



Do not use this medicine for the following people:

People undergoing dialysis treatment 

Do not take the following medicines while taking this drug.

Gastrointestinal analgesic spasmodic

Do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery after taking this medicine.

(Symptoms such as blurred vision and abnormal glare may occur.)

Do not take this drug if you are breastfeeding, or avoid breastfeeding if you are taking this drug.

(It may pass into breast milk and cause the infant's pulse to become faster.)

Do not use for long periods of time.


(to consult)

The following people should consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.

(1)Person receiving treatment from a doctor

(2) Pregnant women or people who appear to be pregnant.

(3) Elderly people

(4) Persons who have allergies or whose family members have allergies

(5) Persons who have had allergic symptoms due to medicines

(6)Persons with the following symptoms

difficulty urinating

(7)Persons who have received the following diagnosis

Kidney disease, heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, glaucoma

In the following cases, stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist with this instruction sheet.

(1) If the following symptoms appear after taking the drug:

(Related areas...Symptoms)

Skin: Rash, redness, itching

Digestive system: nausea, abdominal bloating, stomach discomfort, stomatitis, sore tongue

Neuropsychiatric system: headache, dizziness

Others: Hot flashes on the face, abnormal glare, blurred vision, difficulty urinating, frequent urination

(2) If symptoms do not improve even after taking the drug for about 2 weeks

-The following symptoms may occur, so if these symptoms persist or worsen, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

dry mouth, constipation, diarrhea


Other notes

It may be difficult to produce breast milk.



Gastrointestinal drug Cello is a granule mixture of pale yellow granules and pale purple granules.


(in daily dose (3 packs))


Sodium azulene sulfonate...6mg


Magnesium metasilicate aluminate...2268mg

Rohto extract powder (10x powder)...300mg

Ginger powder...150mg


Additives: Lactose hydrate, carmellose sodium, potato starch, D-mannitol, carmellose calcium, methylcellulose, saccharin sodium hydrate, dibutylhydroxytoluene and fragrance

【5 sets】Gastrointestinal Medicine Cello 20 Packs [×5] To Stomach Pain Gefarnate

  • Gastrointestinal drug containing gefarnate, a gastric mucosal protective and repair agent

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