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It shows anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects with synthetic corticosteroids and suppresses symptoms such as redness, swelling and itching.


Eczema / dermatitis group (including progressive digital keratoderma, Bidart's scabies, seborrheic dermatitis, radiation dermatitis, sunburn), eczema group (urticaria like scabies, strofrus, fixed urticaria, Nodular herpes zoster), insect bite, psoriasis, palmoplantar pustulosis, squamous itch, gill rose herpes, drug eruption / intoxication, chronic discoid lupus erythematosus, erythema (polymorphic effusion erythema, Darier effervescent annular erythema, efferent papular erythema, idiopathic pigmented purpura (mayocy purpura, shambark's disease, purpuric pigmented lichenoid dermatitis), erythroderma, granulomatous disease (sarcoidosis, annular granuloma) ), Alopecia areata, amyloidosis (including macular amyloidosis), hypertrophic scar and keloid



The appropriate amount is usually applied to the affected area one to several times a day.


Internal Capacity




【Person to be careful】
Do not use the next person
Bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections [which may exacerbate the infection. ]
Eczema-related ear otitis with perforations in the tympanic membrane [The healing of the perforation site may be delayed and infection may occur. ]
Ulcers (except Behcet's disease), second-degree deep burns and frostbites [The regeneration of the skin may be suppressed and healing may be delayed. ]

[In use]
Be careful when using it on the eyelid skin, as it may cause intraocular pressure and glaucoma.
Be careful not to use it after dressing or shaving.
The major side effects include hair loss and acne, acneiform rash, steroid flushing and capillary dilation, atrophy of the skin, erythema and contact dermatitis. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
In rare cases, the following symptoms may occur, which may be the initial symptoms of the side effects shown in [].
In such cases, discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately.
A rainbow-like ring of light is visible, foggy (streakly visible), dazzling [with increased intraocular pressure (by use on eyelid skin)]
Pain in the eye, headache, loss of vision [glaucoma (by eyelid skin or heavy / long-term use)]
Faint, light glare, loss of vision [Back capsule cataract (through heavy / long-term use)]


in 1g

Active Ingredient




Additives: Propylene glycol, polyoxyethylene oleyl ether, bleached beeswax, liquid paraffin, white petrolatum


【10sets】MYSER Ointment 5g 0.05% ×10set To Eczema / dermatitis From Japan

  • In addition to use for relatively mild symptoms, it is also easy to use for delicate affected areas such as the face. Because it is mild and less likely to have systemic side effects, it is also used in children and babies.

    Steroid strength  
    Very Strong  


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