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6setsYOMEISHU SEIZO Lindera umbellata Cough Drop, Black honey x herbs 76 g ×6 bags From Japan



"Throat candy" containing "domestic kuromoji extract" that has been researched for many years from <Yomeishu Seizo>.

With a special two-layer structure, it contains a thick ginger and honey paste that spreads slowly to the back of the throat.

Rich in polyphenols derived from Kuro-moji (2.3 mg per grain).

Recommended when you are worried about your throat due to dryness or when you want to refresh your mood.

Individually wrapped type that is easy to carry.


[What is Kuro-moji]

"Kuro-moji (Lindera umbellata)" is a tree of the Lauraceae family that grows naturally in Japan. It is a domestic herb "endemic to Japan" that can only be found in Japan. It is a tree that is familiar to our daily lives, and is also popular as a high-class toothpick, aroma, and tea (herbal tea) used when eating Japanese sweets. It features a refreshing scent.

"Kuro-moji" is considered to be a precious plant, and the forests that grow naturally are called "treasure mountains". In recent years, the movement to reassess its value has spread, and it is being used as a domestic herb with various potentials.

<Abundant in polyphenols derived from Kuro-moji>

"Kuro-moji" is rich in polyphenols derived from Kuro-moji.

The polyphenols of Kuro-moji extract contain a lot of "proanthocyanidins" in which a lot of catechins are linked.


With a slightly sweet black honey flavor, it contains a thick herb-flavored paste that spreads slowly to the back of the throat.


(1) Contains domestic Kuro-moji extract grown in the beautiful nature of Japan

Kuro-moji is a deciduous tree of the family Lauraceae, and the forest where Kuro-moji grows is so precious that it is called "Treasure Mountain". It is a Japanese-born herb that is perfect for the Japanese throat and is also popular as tea.


Why is it Kuro-moji?

It came to be called Kuro-moji because the black spots on the bark were likened to letters.


(2) Since it has a two-layer structure in which a thick herb-flavored paste is wrapped in black honey-flavored hard candy, you can enjoy the change in taste slowly. Make your throat happy anytime, anywhere.


Raw material

Syrup (domestic production), sugar, reduced starch saccharified product, edible oil and fat, kuromoji extract powder, black honey, herb extract / sweetener (sorbitol), flavor, emulsifier


Internal capacity
76 g ×6 bags



Since we use honey, please do not give it to babies under 1 year old.

-Since this product uses naturally derived ingredients, the color of the candy may vary, but there is no problem with the quality.

Brown grains derived from raw materials may be seen on the surface of the candy, but there is no problem with the quality.

·Please consume immediately after opening.

The amount of paste may vary.


Nutrition facts label

Per 3.8g grain

Energy 15kcalProtein 0gLipid 0.06gCarbohydrate 3.6gSalt equivalent 0g

【6sets】YOMEISHU SEIZO Lindera umbellata Cough Drop, Black honey x herbs76g×6bags

  • Kuro-moji (Lindera umbellata), which is loved as a "Japanese herb", has become a delicious throat lozenge.
    Gently care for your "throat".

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