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It acts to regulate / activate cardiac muscle and hepatocyte function and to maintain the functions of the heart and liver normally by bile acid excretion promotion action.

It is usually used for improvement of liver function in hyperbilirubinemia and treatment of congestive heart failure.

It is a white powder and has no odor and taste.



Improvement of liver function in hyperbilirubinemia (excluding obstructive jaundice)

Congestive heart failure

Dosing and Administration

Oral administration once a meal three times a day after meals


Internal capacity

1.02 g × 90 bags



(1)If you are using other medications, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.



in 1.02g

Active Ingredient




Additives: Light silicic anhydride, talc

Taurine powder 98% "Taisho" 1.02g×90P Liver function improvement From Japan

  • Improvement of liver function

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