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It is a plaster that takes Itching.
Skin cuff and redness involves the body substance called histamine. This medicine has the effect of blocking the histamine receptor. It is mainly used for skin symptoms with grudge.


It is a plaster that takes Itching.
Urticaria, eczema,acute prurigo(strophulus infantum) , pruritus pruritus, insect bites


Dosing and Administration
Appropriate amount depending on symptoms usually apply to the affected area several times a day or rubbing.

Internal capacity

(1)Keep away from direct sunlight.

(2)In the summer, contents may melt and become nonuniform, but if you use it with stirring the effect will not change.
(3)Do not use around your eyes.



in 1g                                     

Active IngredientDosage

Additives: Cetanol, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethylene glycol stearate, polyoxyethylene oleyl ether, sorbitan fatty acid ester, paraben, fragrance, ethanol

RESTAMIN KOWA CREAM 1% 500g large size To Itching of the skin From Japan