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MOHRUS TAPE L40mg "Hisamitsu" To joint pain and muscle pain



Excellent effect on pain in the shoulders, hips, joints and muscles.
Direct penetration to the core of pain. It works firmly for painful pain.
Size 10cm×14cm


○ Analgesic / antiphlogistic of the following diseases and symptoms
Lumbago disease (muscle / fascial lumbago, degenerative spondylosis, disc disease, waist
Spinal sprain), osteoarthritis, periarthritis of the shoulder, tendon / tenosynovitis, tendon
Ambient flame, humeral epicondylitis (tennis elbow etc.), muscle pain, post traumatic
Swelling / pain
○ Articular topical pain relief in rheumatoid arthritis


Dosing and Administration
Apply to affected area once a day.

Internal capacity
7 sheets×10Pack


Be sure to tell your doctor and pharmacist before using any of the following people.
· Products containing thiaprofenic acid, suprofen, fenofibrate and oxybenzone and octocrylene with prior aspirin asthma or a history of having allergic symptoms such as itching, rash, etc., using medicines previously (Sunscreen , Perfume etc.), have a history of hypersensitivity, have a history of photosensitivity, there is bronchial asthma.
· Under the age of 20 (There are many opportunities to hit the light in division activities etc.)
· During pregnancy or lactation



1 sheet                              

Active IngredientDosage

MOHRUS TAPE L40mg "Hisamitsu" To joint pain and muscle pain

  • It is a transdermal preparation with anti-inflammatory drug as the main ingredient. Syngeneic (NSAID) patches and plasters have been replaced with traditional poultices and have been very well prescribed in recent years.
    It can be used casually, but its efficacy is slightly inferior to that of the same drug, such as drinking and suppository. In particular, it can not be expected to be very effective in the strong inflammation of large joints such as knees.
    It is effective against rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, clinical trials are also being conducted, and the pain reduction effect of the wrist joints in the chronic phase is recognized.
    It is hardly absorbed into the body (in blood), so there are almost no systemic side effects. However, it seems to be prone to contact dermatitis and photosensitivity at the site of use.

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