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【10sets】LAMISIL Cream 10g 1%×10 Terbinafine Fungal Athlete's Foot From Japan



It inhibits the growth of fungi by inhibiting enzymes required for the biosynthesis of cell membrane components of fungi (molds) such as dermatophytes, and exhibits fungicidal activity.

It is usually used for the treatment of dermatomycosis such as tinea (waterworm) and cutaneous candidiasis.



Treatment of dermatomycosis below

1. Tinea rickets: Tinea rickets, Tinea corporis, Tinea cricket

2. Cutaneous candidiasis: Interdigital erosion, Interfacial rubella

Including spots)

3. Folding screen


Dosing and Administration

Apply to affected area once a day


Internal capacity




【Person to be careful】

Be careful to use the awful affected area or the damaged area carefully. In particular, solutions should be used with caution as they are prone to irritation.


[In use]

It is important to continue treatment for the indicated period. If the stratum corneum is thick, such as the sole of the foot, it may not be completely cured unless it is continued for six months to one year or more.

Please follow the determined number of uses. If you use it too much, your skin may get rough and may cause rash.

Make sure to rub in the cream. Make the skin's stratum corneum penetrate well.

The first point in the treatment of athlete's foot is to "spread and spread," and the second is to "continue patience." It is to completely kill the bacteria attached to the surroundings and bacteria hidden in the keratin.

Be careful not to get in your eyes accidentally.

If symptoms do not improve even after 2-3 weeks of treatment, consult your doctor.


【Meal life】

Wash the affected area well and try to dry it. Socks, bath mats, and slippers in the bathroom are also easy to become infection sources, so be sure to wash and clean them frequently.



in 1g

Active Ingredient


Terbinafine hydrochloride



 Cetanol, stearyl alcohol, palmitate acid

Le, isopropyl myristate, sorbitia stearate

, Polysorbate 60, benzyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide


【10sets】LAMISIL Cream 10g 1%×10 Terbinafine Fungal Athlete's Foot From Japan

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  • Inhibits fungal growth and exhibits fungicidal action.

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