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KETOTIFEN Nasal Solution 0.05% 8ml SAWAI To allergic


This is a nasal spray containing an anti-allergy drug. It has the effect of suppressing the action of substances in the body such as histamine that cause allergic symptoms. It also prevents and relieves sneezing and runny nose associated with allergic rhinitis. It is also often used for hay fever.



Allergic rhinitis



In general, four times a day (morning, noon, evening, and before going to bed), one spray is applied to each nasal cavity once, using a nasal quantitative sprayer dedicated to this drug.



Internal capacity

  • 8mL × 10



It is a highly safe drug. There are almost no side effects.

  • Nasal irritation and dryness
  • Sleepiness



4.398mg of JP ketotifen fumarate as ketotifen in 1 container (8mL)


KETOTIFEN Nasal Solution 0.05% 8ml SAWAI To allergic

  • A nasal drop that suppresses allergic reactions such as sneezing and runny nose by suppressing allergic reactions in the nasal mucosa.

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