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A medicine that supplements vitamin E. It is mainly used to improve blood circulation.



Prevention and treatment of vitamin E deficiency.
Peripheral circulatory disorder (intermittent claudication, arteriosclerosis, venous thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, diabetic retinopathy, frostbite, cold sensation on the extremities)
Prevention of increased lipid peroxide



In general, for adults, take 50-100 mg of tocopherol acetate once orally 2-3 times a day. The dosage may be adjusted according to age and symptoms.


Internal Capacity




There are no side effects. Even so, it is about stomach discomfort. However, since it is a fat-soluble vitamin, if you take an extremely large amount for a long time, it may accumulate in the body and cause various intoxication symptoms. It is important to keep up with the prescribed dose, because it is a vitamin.


It is an orange sugar-coated tablet containing 50 mg of tocopherol acetate in one tablet.


Additives: gum arabic powder, yellow No. 5, carnauba wax, carmellose calcium, light silicic acid anhydride, titanium oxide, stearic acid, refined sucrose, talc, precipitated calcium carbonate, corn starch, lactose, white cellac, hydroxypropyl cellulose, povidone K30, Macrogol 6000, D-mannitol, anhydrous silicic acid additive

JUVELA TABLETS 50mg 100 Tablets From Japan "Eizai"For beauty

  • Beauty perspective

    It is said to be effective in relieving blemishes and freckles by preventing cell aging through anti-oxidation, adjusting the balance of hormone secretion, improving blood circulation, relieving stiff and cold symptoms, keeping the skin moist and firm. The

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