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EPADEL EM Capsules 2g 56Pac. Lipids (triglycerides) Liver Suppress secretion From Japan   



This medicine suppresses the biosynthesis/secretion of lipids (triglycerides) in the liver and promotes elimination from the blood, thereby decreasing triglycerides in the blood. 
It is usually used to treat hyperlipidemia. 






  • In general, for adults, take 1 sachet (2 g of the active ingredient) at a time, once a day, immediately after a meal. The dosage may be increased according to the triglyceride level, but the upper limit is 2 sachets (4g) at a time, once a day. Strictly follow the instructions. 

  • Swallow without chewing. 

  • If you miss a dose, take a dose immediately after next meal. You should never take two doses at one time. 

  • If you accidentally take more than your prescribed dose, consult with your doctor or pharmacist. 

  • Do not stop taking this medicine unless your doctor instructs you to do so. 


Internal Capacity 

56 packages 



If you have previously experienced any allergic reactions (itch, rash, etc.) to any medicines or foods. 

If you are bleeding (hemophilia, capillary fragility, peptic ulcer, urinary tract bleeding, hemoptysis or vitreous hemorrhage). 

If you are scheduled for a surgery. 

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

If you are taking any other medicinal products. (Some medicines may interact to enhance or diminish medicinal effects. Beware of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements as well as other prescription medicines.) 


The most commonly reported adverse reactions include diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. If any of these symptoms occur, consult with your doctor or pharmacist. 


Follow the instructions of your doctor regarding diet or exercise therapy. 



(in 1 package) 

Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Ethyl icosapentate 2g 


Additives: Tocopherol, soy lecithin, polysorbate 80, polyoxyl 35 castor oil 

Capsule body: Gelatin, concentrated glycerin, trehalose hydrate, D-sorbitol liquid, medium chain fatty acid triglyceride, soy lecithin 

EPADEL EM Capsules 2g 56Pac. Lipids (triglycerides) Liver Suppress secretion

  • In addition to dietary therapy, which is the basis of hyperlipidemia treatment, sufficient consideration should be given to exercise therapy and reduction of risk factors for ischemic heart disease such as high blood pressure and smoking.

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