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 It is a medicine that protects the gastric mucosa and treats gastric ulcers. It also applies to zinc deficiency as a zinc replacement therapy.

Gastric ulcer
Zinc deficiency (taste disorder, smell disorder, etc.)
Cirrhosis with hypozincemia
Stomatitis associated with cancer chemotherapy (gargle therapy)

Adults take 75 mg of polaprezinc orally twice a day after breakfast and before bedtime. The dose may be adjusted according to the age and symptoms. 
Internal Capacity 
 100 tablets 
 【Person to be careful】

[In use]
It is safe and has few side effects. Some people may have constipation.

It is copper deficiency that we want to be careful about as serious side effect just in case. Zinc interferes with the absorption of copper, causing a deficiency of copper in the body. There are also reports that copper deficiency has led to anemia and leukopenia. Although rare, be careful when taking high doses or taking long-term doses.

in 1 tablet

Active Ingredient  Dosage
polaprezinc 75mg

PROMAC D Tablets 75mg 100Tablets to Zinc supplementation, gastric ulcer

  • It promotes healing by attaching and penetrating the area where the ulcer is located, and protects the ulcer area of the mucous membrane by directly covering it.

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