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【Sets】NIZORAL Cream 2% 10g To Athlete's foot From Japan



It is a paint that kills fungi. It is used to treat ringworm (athlete's foot) and candidiasis.



Treatment of the following dermatomycosis
Ringworm: Ringworm feet, ringworm body, ringworm crotch
Cutaneous candidiasis: finger erosion, intertrigo (including erythema parasite in infants)
Seborrheic dermatitis



For ringworm, cutaneous candidiasis and versicolor, apply to affected area once a day.
For seborrheic dermatitis, apply to affected area twice a day.


Internal Capacity

  • 10g × 5 tubes
  • 10g × 10 tubes
  • 10g × 20 tubes



Because it is a topical, it has few side effects. Don't worry about light irritation when applying. However, some people may cause rash. If redness or Kayumi worsens, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


in 1g

Active Ingredient





【Sets】NIZORAL Cream 2% 10g To Athlete's foot From Japan

  • It inhibits the cell membrane synthesis of fungi (fungi) and shows antifungal activity by suppressing the growth of fungi that cause disease.
    It is usually used to treat dermatomycosis (tinea, cutaneous candidiasis, tinea versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis).

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