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Proteases break down proteins and remove necrotic tissue on the wound surface.
Usually, it is used to promote decomposition, removal, cleaning and accompanying healing of necrotic tissue on wound surfaces such as burns, decubitus (bed sores), superficial various ulcers, bruises, incisions, cut wounds, and purulent wounds.



Decomposition, removal, cleaning, and promotion of healing associated with necrotic tissue on the wound surface such as burns, wrinkles, superficial various ulcers, bruises, incisions, cuts, and purulent wounds



Apply a suitable amount of ointment to gauze, lint, etc. and avoid touching the ulcer margin as much as possible. Change once a day.
Discontinue use if the wound surface is cleansed and regeneration of new granulation tissue is observed.


Internal Capacity

20g ×10



【Person to be careful】
[In use]
Do not use on normal skin. Use carefully on mucosal surfaces. Do not use for ophthalmology.
The main side effects include bleeding, pain, and erosion (erosion) at the wound edge. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
In rare cases, the following symptoms may occur, which may be the initial symptoms of the side effects shown in [].
In such cases, discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately.
Dyspnea, urticaria, loss of consciousness [anaphylactic shock

in 1 g

Active Ingredient



50,000 units

Additives: Macrogol 4000, Macrogol 400

【10sets】Bromelain ointment 20g[×10]To wound healing Bedsores/Skin ulcers

  • An ointment used for skin ulcers such as pressure sores.

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