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The effect of drugs varies from person to person.

The effects of drugs on the body vary.The physical condition, age, weight, lifestyle, past medical history, etc. are combined.Knowing your situation is the first step in getting better treatment.

・Notes and impacts of various situations

pregnant or breastfeedingMedicines can affect your child's growth through your mother. If you are pregnant, the degree of influence is said to change depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy.


Children with undeveloped bodies are generally more susceptible to medicines because of their weak ability to break down and excrete them.


Because the liver and kidneys function poorly, and often use multiple drugs for a long time, the time that the drug stays in the body increases and the risk of side effects increases.

Patients who have been treated or have a disease in the past

If you have liver or kidney disease, your ability to take medicine may change because your metabolic capacity is reduced. There are other diseases that need attention.


Smoking activates the enzyme and more drugs are metabolized. Therefore, it may not be effective depending on the medicine. In addition, medicine may be more effective if you quit smoking.

Those who drink a lot

If you continue to drink alcohol, the metabolic function of the liver will increase and the medicine will be less effective. However, if the liver function is reduced due to excessive alcohol consumption, the effect of the medicine will increase.

Driving a car or motorcycle, working in a dangerous place

There are some drugs that you should refrain from using, such as psychotropic drugs that act on the central nervous system, such as the brain, and cold medicines that have the side effects of becoming sleepy.

Experience with side effects or drug allergies

There is a risk of side effects and allergies if you use medicines of the same or similar ingredients.

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